Eating differently after 25 years of “normal” food is a bit difficult. For example PIZZA! Grain free is something both paleo and primal share. No normal pizza crust, fluffy loaf for sandwiches, biscuits, and most deserts. Doughnuts…. Getting side tracked…

We are now at 3 weeks of our diet change. Honestly it is going quite well.  Not being able to add beans, biscuits and rice as a normal side has made me explore other options.

From the way I am understanding it the paleo way of eating is meat and vegetables. On the note of vegetables, legumes are out of the question also those in the Nightshade category.  I will not lie, I am ignoring the nightshade part. It is said to avoid them if you have a sensitivity to towards them.  Some reactions are inflammation, nausea, and it’s also said to relieve arthritis.  Nightshades are tomatoes, eggplant, paprika, potatoes (not sweet potatoes), and peppers. There are others on the list but these are your most common. One day we may take that step. I mean yes we have cut out your typical potatoes but not tomatoes and peppers. My husband despises eggplant so I have never really cooked with it even though I like it sliced and on the grill but I can avoid it.  It’s a little tedious to cook two different sides at night because one doesn’t like something.

Then there is Primal. Unlike Paleo it allows dairy products. Which is great news! Even though I like almond milk it’s not my every day favorite. That and I like a little cream in my tea.  I have been cutting us back in the dairy department. We can not on a Cpl of Marines salary afford completely organic dairy products.  When I do spy affordable organic products I tuck that information into my memory and make the choice at the store.

Part of our reasons for starting to eat this way was to lose weight. We knew we needed to eat healthier. When I was working and our schedules never matched up or matched up late at night eating out became our thing. Easily $200 – $300 a month and that is not good. So choosing a healthier diet is also going to add into a more cost efficient living.

Currently for the past month we are at $350 for our cost in food.  There where a couple splurges but most defiantly cheaper and tastier.  Everything has been made at home  breakfast, lunch and dinner.