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My husband came home from deployment near the beginning of November. I didn’t get as many photos as I had intended and then the ones I did get, while some people would say the are “okay” I will follow OSPEC and not post them just in case. I would hate in any way or circumstance to ever give away details that may pose a negative effect on the families here.

My husband is in the Marine Corps and in the Flight-wing. So when they came in from the deployment they didn’t drive in on buses they flew in to the flight line. All the aircraft flew in formation over us and then soon landed one by one to there spot on the flight line. They grouped in a formation from the back and marched to the front and was rather fun to watch.  When they reached the families and dismissed it was crazy to find your Marine. Of course i was confused because mine went back to get his bag real fast so we could go when he saw me.

It was great to see him again. He was gone for 8 months stuck on a ship with many rumors of possible extentions. Luckily the extensions didn’t happen and they came home in time.

I have to get better at taking photos.