I am not all that great at introductions. I either say to much or not enough.   Is Blogging suppose to be perfect anyhow?  (Grammar Nazi’s should now bolt from my page.) I have never been really good at grammar which is strange as much as I do read. The best thing I can do is read it out loud to “test” it and use spell check. lol So now that that’s out of the way here is hoping I do well.

I grew up the youngest of four and by youngest I mean 18 years younger than my oldest sibling. If I ever went anywhere with my older brother and his wife other people would assume I was there daughter which I would promptly correct them.  I love my parents! Most of my friends growing up had something negative to say about there parents, not saying they didn’t love there parents, but I to this day can think of nothing negative. I am grateful for that and hope when my husband and I have children we can raise them in a way similar.

While we don’t have children we have 2 furry kids. Chloe which is our happy go lucky Bernese Mountain Dog. We drove 4 hours to get her and when the weather is right we don’t leave home with out her. Then there is my Kitty. Her name.. well on record is Kit. We where trying to find her a home and I did the “if you name it you keep it” but I am here to tell you name or not if you are meant to keep them you will keep them. Do I mind? Hell NO! I LOVE cats! I just had 4 to choose from because my husband was joining the Marine Corps and base housing only allows 2 pets.   Luckily my parents prefer cats and kept our other 3. Winter, Mom Kitty, and Eve stayed on the farm with my brothers cat Turtle and they are enjoying the breeze by the pond. I kept the one I tried finding a home. I mean she is spayed, calico and at the time a kitten but it was just meant to be. I typically call her Kitten and my cousin nicknamed her skitzo. While my husband was on deployment (no offense to Chloe) my cat really helped me. There is just something for me to have a cat sleeping in my lap. Don’t know.

So I skipped to the pets, lets back track.

When I was in 6th grade this dude starting asking me out. When we where close to turning 16 I said yes. I could talk forever about the silliness and moments of those years but while it’s fun for me to recollect it may be boring to others. After we started dating it did really just seem right. Must of been as we are 10 1/2 years later currently. We have gone through a lot over the years. Moving into our first rental, to renting from family (not advised) moving in with other family, passed away animals (we have bleeding hearts for pets), trying to buy a house only to have market flip, basic life getting in the way of ideas we may of had. In 2010 Tony (my husband) joined the Marine Corps and we have been on this road ever since.

I shall add more about my little life later on. Still trying to get this blogging site situated. I have started and stopped trying to blog so many times but I am serious about it now. Since I no longer work away from home I have the time and I think it would be good for me. I want to talk about the Military way of life we have (should of started this on the past deployment), pets, my views, crafting, paleo/primal way of eating we are now on. I am motivated!