I have now tried 6 pancake recipes. Some made with almond flour, some with coconut and with tapioca flour. Unless someone has me a better recipe, I have now given up hope on ever having a pancake under paleo. They are REALLY nutty and thick. 

This makes me sad. 

Unlike my husband I get tired of eggs. I love scrambled eggs and ingredient filled omelets. Sometimes I will wake up and the thought of eating eggs again makes me want to puke.  After a week of eating fruit or oatmeal for breakfast and getting out of the rut I get all “YAY omelets” attitude again.

I dislike making 2 separate meals for breakfasts everyday so I am looking for prepared things. Something i can pre prepare, freeze and warm when needed. Not to mention soon my husbands schedule for work will be back to normal. That could either mean 5 am or 4 pm depending on his shift. Getting up and doing breakfast at 5 am is hard haha. 

Speaking of which i think i am about to go take a nap. Sounds great!