I remember the turkey being dry 90% of the time growing up. I think that may be why I always chose to eat turkey leg and thighs. Those parts of the turkey  most of the time where partially in the juices as the turkey was baking therefor being moist. 

When my husband and I had our first Thanksgiving I cooked a turkey and every 30 minutes I would slide the rack to where I could baste the turkey in butter. Not to mention we didn’t have stuffing but instead butter, onion and garlic stuffed inside. It was really good and moist as it should of been. Everyone loved it. By the next Thanksgiving I had a thought. What if the I cooked it upside down? Then that is how i cooked it ever since. Granted that did mean i couldn’t turn it over so you have that classic turkey photo but flavor over appearance for me. You could after it cools off carve your turkey and arrange it on a tray and broil it to crisp up the skin and get a whole different kind of photo.

Last year though we grilled it! My husband did a wonderful job and grilling the turkey is now our go to and unless the weather is to bad to turn the grill on then grill it we shall. After Thanksgiving i plan to post photos!