We don’t do much for Thanksgiving. Of course before we started this Marine Corps lifestyle and lived back “home” in South GA we had my family and his family to visit all in one day. Honestly that was more stressful than pleasing. Now that I am reflecting on it Thanksgiving day is like bar hopping. You go from one place to another rushing to eat the same things in a ridiculous amount so you can go to your next destination. You tell everyone you had “a great time” but really you don’t remember much about it until you get on the scale for the next week. 

One house no one really wants to be there but we try to act like it. One house you go due to tradition. One house has that one person that ruins the experience. Then EVERYONE wants to do it at there own house just adding more places to go. Different time schedules due to jobs, divorce because mom and dad can’t be in the house at the same time, other houses to go. People that guilt you into coming to see them when really you would rather be in your own home.

What happens if they all come to our house?  An experience from last year we had a few people we met come over. We are not football people, or party people and we didn’t have cable. We didn’t share political views or religious views. This is what happens when you make friends at work it seems. Which when you work all the time what choice do you have? I had no clue what to talk about. I was so concerned with trying not to be boring or that my house didn’t look nice that I couldn’t enjoy myself and left my husband to entertain. Which was unfair because he is just as bad as I am. 

This year we will have our Thanksgiving meals how we prefer. A nice calm day where we make a pie, grill a turkey (which you have got to try), maybe watch the parade, put up and decorate Christmas tree and watch a movie. Take a nap? HA

Why make a holiday stressful to you? There is enough stress in your life that if you get a holiday spend it how you want. If you want to spend it with family trade off holidays. This year we go here for Thanksgiving there for Christmas and next year at home. You don’t want to go back to work the next week and it feel more like a vacation than the vacation was. Some people thrive off seeing everyone all in one day and more power to you but it’s not for me.