Months ago I would spend close to $200 in a grocery store, come home and then order pizza. This would repeat every payday. I bought grocery’s but I didn’t really buy food. Granted I had the meat but now that I look back on it we had meat, potatoes, bread, tomatoes, and pasta. Not much of a variety, so no wonder I always wanted to go out and get a cheeseburger and PIZZA.  Chow down on Tostitos and salsa instead of cooking. We where so hungry apparently that we could eat a whole pizza, large bread sticks, maybe some cinnasticks and in an hour afterwards some snack.

How I am only overweight and not obese after reflecting on our previous eating habits for the last 7 years is honestly amazing and I am glad this has been halted.

When we first started living together we also stayed with other people and we were 18-19 years old. Of course Dairy Queen was prime target! (flame burgers and oreo sundaes!) Then we moved into our own first place and I didn’t really know how to cook yet. I had the basics but messed up more than succeeded. So a lot of useless food was bought and lots more wasted. Not to mention where Tony worked at the time he couldn’t leave for lunch so he had to eat there. Sandwiches and Chips from home or off the bar and pay what they wanted.  😦 Then we crammed money which while we ate at home everyday we ate hamburger helpers and such which while super cheap is just not good for you. You get what you paid for. It didn’t get much better after he joined the Marine Corps because well… now we lived close enough that places would deliver! Then when I got a job and we where so moody, constant schedule changes, different schedules, and never at home so we just ate out EVERYDAY! Which we all know not eating healthy will not make your mood any better on top of no sleep. (horrible year) Maybe for an hour after you feel good but overall it just makes you sicker.  Nothing but grease. Then the deployment came. I didn’t eat much throughout the time he was gone because it was so hard for me to cook for one.  I lived off of deli items at the Commisary, Wendys and pizza for the first few months and toward the end it was better. Deli items, started to cook weekly meals and almost no fast food. He ate what they had available on the ship not much choice there. We are now determined to fix what we have done. As much as I hated him being deployed (and I hated that shit) it did give us time to reflect. In this case I mean look at what I just said about the last 7 years of eating! That’s really really bad. Knowing the things I know now I would be scared to have a check up with a doctor at the moment.

Since the meal change here are the difference I have noticed. (2 months)

* Now that all the non primal ingredients are 90% gone (i still have oatmeal, cous cous for maybe the next month) my weight is weekly slowly decreasing. Not significant loss since I am not working out currently. However to loose weight off of diet alone, even a little means somethings right. Especially since we are eating more.  I do also think this is a reaction to less milk. Its winter, so naturally hot cocoa!! and i usually make it with milk. For the last 2 weeks I have made it with water and a little milk. Another thing I noticed when I stopped making hot cocoa with milk, that gallon is lasting a long while. So today I decided we could afford a half gallon of “organic” milk. Organic milk does taste a little different. As my husband put it there is a creamier after taste and not as sweet but overall still taste like milk. As long as I can afford it I’ll get it. I am not an open activist about this mainly because cost choices would make me a hypocrite, but I do really care about the animals providing the food for our table. But that is a discussion for another day.

*I am not as tired. My husband doesn’t seem to be as tired either. (hmm i need to ask but this is just something i noticed :P)

*Not constantly hungry. There have been some nights where I am looking for a snack. I made the connection the other night the reason I was so hungry was because I didn’t cook enough protein that day. Noted and will adjust accordingly.

*Now I go into a store, stick to the outer aisle, spend almost $300 for what we need for the month and don’t go out to eat. I get as much of a variety in veggies and fruit as my local Commissary has available at that time. Scan the meat cases for deals. There isn’t much of a possible way we could afford organic meat (except chicken which is surprisingly affordable) so that has to be a no go. I noticed an average of $10 jump to grass fed beef and in a smaller portion. Yeah not right now. I would rather splurge on lamb or a ham. On that note OMG  ham is expensive. I wanted one for Christmas dinner but not for $30 on average.

*I still buy frozen veggies. I have seen mixed reviews on if you should or shouldn’t. Most reviews that say absolutely not seem to be saying it in an extreme point of view. They are also the same peeps that would hate on me for not buying grass fed beef and cooking everything on a open fire. So while I can’t buy it fresh or I can get a larger quantity frozen I will.  I did read where Green Giant adds baking soda to there frozen vegetables. I can only imagine that’s to keep them fresher longer. Will have to look into there reason. However you put baking soda in your fridge to neutralize odors… but because of hearing this I have checked the brand I buy. Every bag of frozen fruit or veggies in the fridge only contain that fruit or veg. CHEER! Just so you know those brands we get are PictSweet and VIP.

As time goes on it’s getting easier to say no to certain things.  Cravings are becoming a thing of the past. We don’t notice fast food places when driving though towns. I have to remember to read the back and make sure certain ingredients aren’t hiding in the product. Having my husband there so we can keep each other on track is fantastic. I have one more bag of things we can’t eat separated in a cabinet and when I hear of a donation going on I will do just that. Being a military family units are always accepting donations throughout the year.

On a silly note, without all those canned beans and such in the cabinet I filled that space with my rolls of paper towels and aluminum foil! XD

That’s all for now.