Resolutions are never really a good idea. Lets face it. However I am about to make one. Maybe I should just call it a challenge. Then it won’t be jinxed.

I want to read and finish a book every month. If I go over then YAY!!

 I have seen others do a challenge like this and increase the books they read more each year. 

When I was little there was NO WAY you where going to get me to sit down long enough to read. I wanted to be outside under my dad while he was working in the wood shop or planting something in the garden. I didn’t really help much but I talked his ear off. See I was a rambler then and a rambler now. ha 

I haven’t read anywhere near as many books as I wish I had. Even though I love them and am starting to consider myself a book collector. Only problem is I need to catch up with reading the books we have. 

My favorite classic book is Wurthering Heights by Emily Bronte. On that note this book is a classic why does spell check not know this and keep trying to correct me on the spelling. Then my favorite authors are Ann Rice and everyone’s favorite J.K. Rowling because Harry Potter is awesome.

Do you have a book suggestion?