Wedding Rings… I am currently watching a movie where there is a couple getting married and the priest said the reason wear the wedding ring on our left hand and fourth finger. He said because the Romans and Greek areas believed the vein running through this finger was directly connect to the heart. So of course the romantic in me is like “aww that’s beautiful” and looked up thoughts on the subject.

So out of all the stuff I have read tonight and you can also read in the link i posted, rings in more so ancient cultures where originally for forever love symbols. The piece of jewelry was made into a circle which is a sign of never ending.  I always heard the “sign of ownership” history but not this. That idea came around with the Romans. The Romans being as spread out as far as they where, made the ownership idea the norm. Just proof how things can be altered to fit your intentions good or bad. Later the Mediterranean area developed the romantic idea about the vein in the “ring” finger being connected to the heart. Which by the way isn’t true sadly. While of course all veins run to the heart it’s not a direct line as romantically desired.  The idea is beautiful though.

From what I have read and heard over the years the origin was a man gave the woman a ring of keys where she stayed at the house and tended the children. Which lets be honest that shits depressing in thought. To find out there is a deeper history to it and it was twisted through different cultures over the years while not surprised it is nice to read it was originally about love.

Marriage jewelry is for every culture and religion in some way.

I do not have a photo of our rings on my husbands computer but this is them. We both have the same ring. While they where bought after we were married and compared to what many others pay “cheaper” they hold a great meaning for me. We picked them before my husband went to boot camp.  He didn’t take it to boot camp with him as it could of become damaged or lost but I brought it with me to his graduation. When he is gone on trips and I feel lonely looking at it makes me feel like I am not so alone after all. When your separated as much as a military family ends up being any little reminder can help you through. Wedding rings, letters, emails, and phone calls become your lifelines when there is nothing in your power to make it better.