Since starting this Paleo journey I have learned a way of cooking sweet potatoes that I am embarrassed to say I am just now learning.  Then when I started telling people about how I was cooking them with my crock pot I was shocked at how many others didn’t know what you can cook in the crock pot. 

I always knew there had to be more you could cook in a crock pot besides beef stew, chili and meatballs. I have cooked a whole chicken to be ready at dinner which is one of my favorite things to do now. But for someone like me that has no patience with baking sweet potatoes in the oven finding out how to cook them in the crock pot was a life saver. 

It very simple!

1)  Put your desired amount of sweet potatoes in. I have filled it up with the little ones and the larger types.

2) put the lid on and low temp for 3 hours. 

They will looked a little puffy when you take the lid of but you can see they are soft.

One of my pots cooks them quicker than the other. Surprisingly my cheaper one. The larger pot normally takes another hour on low.