Been a long ass year. I am currently ignoring my husbands suggestions for this post as they do not reflect the views and opinions I would like reflected here. On that note I am glad to have him back to annoy me. For 8 long months he was gone and I was bored as shitznit. Enjoyed a much needed homecoming 😉

I got a job, got a raise and then said good bye to them. Lost 25lbs in total!! (wootness) Another 25 and my goal will be meet but that’s not a resolution that’s a goal in it’s self.

We started the paleo/primal diet and drinking organic milk. All in all 2-3 months worth and a couple cheats during holidays we have done well and this will continue into the next year. By the way if you haven’t tried Organic Milk try Organic valley Whole milk it is fantastic.

We have ended our year with couples tattoos on our left forearm. Which didn’t really hurt :O I kinda enjoyed it and am planning my birthday one haha! Gonna have something to do with cats. (can you hear my husband cringing?)

My husbands below.                        The one below is mine! 😀 😀

kats MINE