The story behind our tats?

It all started with me seeing the little anchors as couples tats on pinterest. Which everyone and there mother seem to have on pinterest. I brought up the idea of couple tats to my husband and he liked the idea as well. That was almost 6 months ago!

We wanted something more so unique to us. Granted they stand alone for each of us by together they mean more. Both tattoos are on our left forearms. You see the one with the stag. That is my husbands tattoo. I love deer, they are beautiful peaceful creatures. They always have a majestic feel when you see them in the wild.  Quoting my husband – “The “horned god” is one of the primary lore figures in Celtic/Gaelic lore, as well as the male of fertility. I think it represents our people well. The moon represents the mother goddess, as well as the woman in the relationship.”  I am in love with the branch work and greens.  The greens represent the fact that I have green eyes as the blue flowers on mine represent that he has blue eyes.

The second tattoo with the bear paw is mine. Just as pretty as I had hoped. My husband has always loved bears. I have stenciled bear designs on his sea bags he takes when he leaves home. Currently trying to make a bear stencil for the back window of our truck. We also have a spring appointment at the zoo in NC specifically because they have bears :D. The forget me not plant symbolizes true love, faithful love and memories. I will never forget where we started, where we have been and look forward to where we will go.

They are representations of one another. We were really happy with our artists they helped make these in the ways we asked. We intend to go back in and add the dates. Since he is a Marine and the tattoo policy is now more so strict we were afraid to get it to big but now we know how to add it in without risking rule breaking.

Only after thought is this shit itches as it heals lol.