Growing up my nickname was doodle bug. I got doodle pads every birthday and Christmas. My dad always wanted me to be a cartoonist or write children books. Honestly that idea I have been considering. The first thing I learned how to draw and look real was a mail box, then a fence line with a bird on a post and eventually in High School I actually started getting good. Of course now i look back on what I did and see everything wrong with it. After high school I stopped. Same as my husband. Work, time and money became factors. 8 years later art is being revisited.

Looking at tattoo’s and then getting one you realize that you could be that good  now if only you hadn’t of stopped. It brought make motivation to draw again. Only problem is I have so many ideas and don’t know where to start. Or I start and stop and start another.

This is another thing I will promise my self to keep up along with reading a book every month.


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