Today I have been watching the History Channels Life After People and it has me thinking.

At first I was thinking it was a little sad to think about the planet without people.  Then you see how nature takes back over places it was torn from and see how amazing that actually is. You see it everyday with grass growing through the sidewalk if up keep isn’t met. In this show they go to old ghost towns or show you an abandoned building that nature has begun to take over or they tell you this will be dust after another 50 years.

My thought process is, why don’t we just tear down some of these places. Granted someones going to come out and protest tearing down a historical building but if you aren’t going to restore it and just let nature take it over. Why not take it out, plant some trees and help nature recover sooner rather than just watch history deteriorate.

You can look at the High Line in New York now and see where this railway that was abandoned is covered in grass and other plants. I like that New York is now turning such abandoned areas in the city into parks.

Take poor old Detroit. You could create jobs in this much needed job city just by taking down buildings and cleaning the area. A good few years worth of jobs. You could rebuild something for the people of Detroit to be proud of again. There adds more jobs. Most of the buildings are past restoring.

The materials used after the 1940’s don’t hold up with out constant care. Stone buildings in more ancient cultures may not be clean but most are still standing tall unless a earthquake breaks the foundation. Stone castles built in medieval times, even the ones no longer occupied are still standing firm as long as they where not built on a cliff where water took the ground out from under it.

Point is I guess, there are a lot of us. Unless a catastrophic event happens there’s only going to be more of us. Cleaning up and reusing materials from our past and abandoned projects would benefit us in the long run.

If you stop and think or look around for a second you can see that we need to do something.

Some people I hear say “why should I bother to recycle when no one else is?” Well that’s the thing others are and if enough people that care recycle you will then have those that follow the trend. Then if companies market reasons to recycle that aren’t fear mongering methods then more people would if they had a reason. Like the machine I saw an article about on a subway train. you can buy your ticket with your plastic bottles. Getting something for free in this day in age is a huge incentive.

Prime example is the current non GMO trend. Now that Cheerios has jumped the band wagon with omitting genetically modified corn from there product you can be sure many will follow. Grass fed cow products are getting cheaper because more companies are being encouraged to do things more naturally.

I don’t know .. think I have turned this into a ramble and could go on and on if I don’t hush.