If you go to http://store.bethsoft.com/accessories/imperial-dragon-symbol-leather-messenger-bag.html you will see this bag. I really really want this. Every time in comes in stock, I go to the site and it’s already sold out. How cruel lol.

There is also a journal, flask, wallet and key chain. I’ll take the journal as well but the purse is awesome. I like to own things that subtlety show my geekiness.  Then to add that it’s actually leather and looks good!! Granted at $180 this thing isn’t cheap.. me being the type to not buy a purse unless it’s under $50. Could be why I do not own Micheal Kors or Vera Bradley….  Let me add to this that we are a military family.  That means both brands are sold in our Exchange for a “lower” cost.. still outrageous…..

Which for the last year or two i keep an eye in my favorite stores for the ones under $10.  Same thing goes for shoes…

Anyhow back to Skyrim… My husband got me that game for Christmas the year it came out. That’s what we do around here lol get games for one another. One year I got him a wireless gamecube controller :P.  I love the game, which I played Oblivion and other Bethesda games so it was right up my alley. I am unsure how many hours since the game came out I have put into it.

Having a free world to explore in a video game is fun. You can go anywhere, pick up just about anything, choose your own fate in quest lines. Make the game your own and hours of fun.

Brings me back to when I had Never Winter Nights…