Honestly it’s been a bit since I posted on here. Reason being that started it was stupid passwords. I couldn’t remember it and then i didn’t get the reset emails and just got pissed and quit. Then you get aggravated and don’t look at the site followed by being use to not looking at the site lol. But I am back. I have an email set up to remind me to come back and make a post. 

So for those of you use to snow forgive me for a second. IT HAS SNOWED TWICE!!!! Okay, we are in NC currently and we have been here 3 years now? I wanted to see snow before we left here eventually and we did. It was pretty and lasted a few days. However the bases SHUT DOWN completely. Domino’s couldn’t get on base to deli ever the first night. Good thing we went Paleo/primal right? Neighbors got lids to plastic moving tubs and tied them with rope to there bikes and drove the kids around. Some actually got a little snow man. Funny thing is the mail didn’t run, what ever happened to rain, sleet, or snow slogan? I took a few photos that I will share. This one at the top is my husband (in his vibrams… which had to be cold…) and our Chloe, which kept wanting to eat it.

We are now completely caught up on Game of Thrones and OMG the red wedding is horrible… just saying.

I was going to go back to work but since no one called me I sent a message to find out what was going on.. low and behold there is a hiring freeze.. just my luck. So I applied to work at Lowe’s which would be a transferable job if we get to move.

Paleo update… is shameful. Neighbors brought us homemade bread (which was so good), we bought a Key Lime frozen pie (slaps hand), eating out and such. Of course this means that for this bad month we gained a little weight back, tired, moody and I felt sick after the sugary pie. Unfortunately.. when it comes to the pie I can not say it was worth it. Should of used the money to make a homemade one at least. 

Speaking of which, anyone have ideas of a paleo food gift for your neighbors? They have given us bread and jelly. I need to make them something soon. I just got neutella and even though that doesn’t count it can at least be something tasty.