I got a new favorite game. Borderlands. Yes I am aware this is an older game and Borderlands 2 is out and $17. I will buy it soon.. however I have never been a shooting game kind of person. Over the last couple of years which I believe is due to Skyrim, I have tried more. I love this game, the steampunk look, music, funny little Claptrop and revolvers! 

Another game I would like to suggest is the Walking Dead arcade game. The first season has the first episode free on Xbox live and the DLC are $5 roughly for the next 4 episodes. You can choose your own responses which later on you could die for if you don’t watch it. If you love The Walking Dead and games you’ll enjoy the extra story line in the series. Some of the characters we now know and love have also individuality came in contact with this group before or after they met up with the crew on the show.

On that note WALKING DEAD SUNDAY NIGHT!! I want to read the comics but they could be spoilers even though I know many characters have been changed added or removed to make it a new experience.