After the tree went up Tony had laid next to it and then her came Chloe!

I took the photo of the tree sideways and on my husbands computer I can’t fix this from my memory card. My computer all the sudden forgot how to read memory cards…little bastard.

Over the next few days I want to share some of my favorite ornaments on our tree. There are those we made because we where broke and needed ornaments, one for every year since we started living together and putting up a tree, then those to recognize people or pets in our life. Many of our special ornaments where not bought just because they where pretty but they represent something in that year of our life.

You may can see the teddy bears under the tree there. My husband has gotten me a stuffed animal with the year somewhere on it every year. At first I was sticking to teddy bears but now i have the beloved moose. 😀

Until next time.