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Tuna Salad


Doesn’t this look delish?  I loved it and when my husband gets home we shall see if he does as well. 

I got this Mediterranean Tuna Salad from it also has a Dijon mustard vinaigrette to go with.  Don’t omit the vinaigrette like I almost did because I wanted to be lazy.  It is tasty and worth it.  Ingredients I was missing are sumac,  mint and celery which I have a supreme dislike for celery anyhow.  So if you are missing those ingredients I am here to tell you it will still taste well. 

I do however hope next time I make it, and I will, that I have pita chips instead of good old saltines. 

If you look at the photo you will also see a bell from Crete! That was a gift to me from my husband a few years ago. 


Crab cakes, crab ravioli in Alfredo Sauce

This was a quick basically store bought meal. The crab cakes are  Eastern shore crab cakes. The Alfredo is the Alfredo sauce you buy from Bertolli in the cheese cold case.  Also the ravioli is Bertolli. Took all of 15 minutes to make when i got off work.  Great and super simple for a long day.  The crab cakes just need to thaw in the fridge while at work.  Everything else was just a mater of boil or heat.




Kitten and me chillin


George R.R. Martin on why [spoiler] died THAT way — EXCLUSIVE

I love this story and haven’t gotten to this book yet. If I could just stay off the internet maybe that would happen lol.

egg shell nails

i realized after the photo how … bad i did at cleaning up… sorry. I have already changed how they look.

Healthy Canned stocking

I have been trying to think ahead a little this year. One thing, even though I get through it with no issue, is never having anything in stock encase of bad weather or no electricity. So with the change is eating I haven’t had much in stock as far as dry goods is concerned.   

Ever watch The Walking Dead and see them carry all the canned food they can find? NO lie this fact is what made me think about this.  No I don’t want a HUGE can of chocolate pudding like what Carl ate by himself. Which lets be honest, you know he was sick as a dog after eating all that sugar. lol They wont tell you that. 

So you ask yourself, What can I buy canned that will match the paleo/primal diet?  Granted it will not be 100%.  Here is what I came up with, any suggestions would be nice to hear.  

1)   Canned fruit! Try not to get any in heavy syrups, and if there is a organic option that seems the better option get it. Pineapple seems the easiest to can. You can also grab pineapple juice, or canned grape juice. Get 100% fruit juice not made from concentrate. 

2)   Canned greens. So far I have only seen canned Spinach without added ingredients. I will keep on the look out.

3)    Green beans and garden peas. The two things I have heard the most arguments about on if they are or are not okay to eat. Don’t care I am keeping them. Stay away from navy, pinto, pork n beans and kidney beans. 

4)    Canned sweet potatoes and pumpkin is a great addition especially when they are not in season! 

5)    Preserved pickles, peppers, olives, etc.. Just read the label and know what you can eat. 

6)    Wild rice. From what I have read wild rice is okay occasionally. 

7)    Mushrooms and asparagus. 

8)    Apple sauce

9)    Beef jerky, or other dried meat. 


Now I will buy one extra can of each of these a month just to stock up my cabinets. Of course there are some guilty pleasures like fried apples….. 

So if the world goes to shit, I have a month supply of reasonable eats. 😛



Borderlands Xbox 360



I got a new favorite game. Borderlands. Yes I am aware this is an older game and Borderlands 2 is out and $17. I will buy it soon.. however I have never been a shooting game kind of person. Over the last couple of years which I believe is due to Skyrim, I have tried more. I love this game, the steampunk look, music, funny little Claptrop and revolvers! 

Another game I would like to suggest is the Walking Dead arcade game. The first season has the first episode free on Xbox live and the DLC are $5 roughly for the next 4 episodes. You can choose your own responses which later on you could die for if you don’t watch it. If you love The Walking Dead and games you’ll enjoy the extra story line in the series. Some of the characters we now know and love have also individuality came in contact with this group before or after they met up with the crew on the show.

On that note WALKING DEAD SUNDAY NIGHT!! I want to read the comics but they could be spoilers even though I know many characters have been changed added or removed to make it a new experience. 

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